Who is this Jesus? Stories of Hope (Belief)
Gary Bush

Hope Found in Belief

Jesus had a contentious relationship with the religious leaders of the day to say the least. There are many encounters were Jesus went toe to toe with them. But, even though he was often aggressive with them, occasionally there was encounters of genuine truth seeking. In John chapter 3 there is one such encounter. John 3:16 is the most noted and quoted verse in the bible. But the encounter around this verse is one that gets overlooked at times. It is in this genuine, after hours, truth seeking encounter, that Jesus gives another example of Hope. In this encounter with Nicodemus, Jesus shows how Hope is found in Belief. While Nicodemus does not seem to fully get it at the moment, there is evidence later in the gospel of John that lead us to belief he did eventually get it. Watch the sermon below as I unpack John 3:1-21 and see how Hope is Found in belief.