Who is this Jesus? Stories of Hope (HIS Power)
Gary Bush

Hope found in HIS Power

Perhaps the most impactful part of Jesus’ ministry occurred in his super natural displays. In this moments, people who could not help themselves were changed forever. The reality is none of us can help ourself when it comes to Sin. But some people are more in tune with just how much help they need. It has been said that sometimes people need to hit rock bottom before they reach out for help. I think this can be seen in the account of Jesus healing a man possessed by many deacons in Mark chapter 5. In this account a gentile man, which is worth noting, sees first hand how Hope is found in the power of Jesus. HIS Power changed this man forever. And, I believe, the lives of many in this ten town region. Watch the sermon as I unpack this story of hope and see how the power of Jesus still brings hope today!